The first meeting was dedicated to introducing our competitive advantages and industrial abilities to our distribution channel and shareholders of Alborz Plur (Miwa) that was held in Feb-2023.

In this meeting, spoken about the different quality of the source that supplies Miwa mineral water, the future route and the products coming soon such as sparkling water and carbonated drinks.

Miwa sparkling water

Nothing is more essential to life than water. You can be hydrated with Lasem’s natural spring water which was born by nature. this is that drink would be it. without any additives and only with natural mineral ingredients. All products are designed somehow to bring you high quality natural spring water directly from Sheikh Ali Khan natural springs in Lasem area in order to enjoy the cool and special taste of the Miwa anywhere and anytime.

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Alborze Plur production and trading company with reinvestment by new shareholders started anew from 2021 with the aim of producing all kinds of drinks.


Sheik Ali Khan spring is one of the most well-khnown of four-season springs in this rigion, this is because it is located above the Lasem village. Fortheremore, it is always full of water, so, it is the main source to supply Alborz factory.

Miwa products

Nothing is more essential to life than water, and Lasem’s natural spring water hydrates you with the same drink that is born from nature; Without any additives and only with natural minerals. All our products are designed to bring you high quality natural spring water directly from the natural springs of Sheikh Ali Khan in Lasem region so that you can enjoy the taste anytime and anywhere. Enjoy cool and distinctive fruit. We offer a wide range of fruit products so that you can easily enjoy natural spring water at any moment or occasion in your life. There is always an excellent product of fruit products for you; Whether you need hydration on the go or as a lunchtime companion, or just looking to add value to a meal with our drink bottles.

We present you a wide range of Miwa products then you can enjoy easily at any moment and occasion of your life of the natural water spring. There is always a perfect product of Miwa for you. whether you need, hydration on the go, as a friend at lunch time, or only when looking for having a nutritious meal. 

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Miwa sparkling water

Miwa mineral water

Miwa flavored sparkling water

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